North America, United States, Alaska, Moose's Tooth and Barrille

Publication Year: 1981.

Moose’s Tooth and Barrille. After flying in on June 1, Sallie Herr, Sharon Druck, William Hillegas, Peter Carter and I spent two weeks in the Ruth Amphitheater and Great Gorge. During the first week we witnessed extreme avalanche activity and much marginal weather. We waited for the mountains to shed some of their snow before committing ourselves to the shooting gallery. We also assisted the National Park Service insearch for two Anchorage lads who had been killed while descending Mount Dan Beard. On June 7 Carter soloed the northeast ridge of Mount Barrille. On the 8th he and I started on a two-day ascent of the German route on the Moose’s Tooth. We agreed that the route is a real classic. Finally Carter and I made another ascent of the northeast ridge of Barrille, a very enjoyable snow-and-ice route with many spectacular positions 2000 feet above the Great Gorge.

Anthony M. Herr