Colorado Mountain Club

Publication Year: 1980.

Colorado Mountain Club. The Colorado Mountain Club is an organization of 12 Groups, located throughout Colorado, with a membership exceeding 6,000. Over 2,000 trips of various kinds were scheduled in 1979. The major outings included three two-week trips, one to the San Juan’s Yankee Boy Basin, where members hosted 14 visitors from England and France; a backpack trip to Mount McKinley National Park in Alaska; and a work trip to Mount Elbert, sponsored by the Forest Service in building a few miles of new trail. We also ran two one-week trips, one to the Wind Rivers in Wyoming, and the other to the Canadian glaciers for an ice-climbing seminar.

The club is committed to promoting mountaineering safety. Many of the groups have conducted mountaineering first-aid classes, as well as mountaineering schools, technical-climbing schools, ski-touring classes, avalanche-awareness seminars, and both winter and summer leadership schools. We are proud of a record with no fatalities or major accidents in 1979.

Our members have worked with those studying, evaluating, and promoting wilderness for the roadless areas in the national forests of Colorado. There are 164 potential wilderness areas in the state, and a large percentage of the letters to the Forest Service have urged substantial wilderness for these. We have been active in the RARE II program concerning wilderness, along with other wilderness programs and mining operations.

In 1980 we have scheduled two five-day outings, one to Yellowstone National Park and the other to Grand Canyon National Park.

Fred Ruckhaus, President