A.A.C., Southern California Section

Publication Year: 1980.

A.A.C., Southern California Section. The Section held two official meetings during the year. Our main program has been the establishment of the Arkel Erb Memorial Library. Club members helped prepare and move the books to the Los Angeles County Library at Malibu, where the library staff is processing them. The Erb Library will be a valuable addition to mountaineering literature on the West Coast.

Our members have been particularly concerned about the Forest Service’s proposed restrictions on climbing at Tahquitz Rock. Chairman Pete White had several talks with the Forest Service and presented our philosophy of opposing all restrictions on climbing. His written comments were included in the evaluation of the master plan proposed for the area.

A group of former instructors of the Sierra Club’s basic mountaineering training course suggested to the Section that the A.A.C. operate a mountain training program. After considerable discussion among our members and a presentation to the Club’s Board of Directors, it was decided that the Club should not sponsor or operate a training program.

The fate of our local climbing practice area, Stoney Point, remains uncertain. It is under pressure by land developers, and the city of Los Angeles is considering acquiring it for a park. The city would be concerned about accident liability if climbing were allowed there. Ted Vaill and others are presenting the position to the city that it would not be liable for climbing accidents or injuries sustained at Stoney Point.

The Section lost an outstanding climber when Rick Mosher was killed in a plane crash in the Sierra. We shall miss him.

Pritchard “Pete” White, Chairman