Maynard Cohick, 1938-1979

Author: Patrick O'Donnell. Climb Year: N/A. Publication Year: 1980.


Maynard Cohick lost his life September 19, 1979, on Annapurna I in an avalanche that claimed the lives of two other climbing members of the party.

Maynard, 41 years old, was born in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania and led a full and exciting life. Before becoming involved in expedition climbing, he had experienced sky diving, bicycle racing, deep-sea diving, dirt-bike competition and even wrestled an octopus. After sailing from Hawaii to New Zealand, Maynard participated as a crew member in the 1961 Trans Tasman Yacht Race from New Zealand to Australia. This tremendous zest for living led him to mountaineering. He reached the summits of Mount McKinley, Nun, Pik Kommunisma, and was only a few days from the summit of Annapurna I.

Maynard Cohick was an exciting, outgoing individual and had a special charisma about him that made him a well liked expedition member on all of his adventures. Always fit and a lover of competition, he earned the respect of his fellow climbers by always doing a little extra, being the “eternal optimist” even in the worst of conditions, and constantly displaying a positive attitude toward expedition goals. Maynard had a love of the mountains and for the challenge and beauty they offered to him. This love brought the best out in him, much to the benefit of his climbing companions.

A practicing attorney in Republic, Missouri, he had helped many people in a variety of ways. After seventeen years of marriage, Maynard leaves his wife Jeanne and three children: Steven, Julie and Jennifer.

For all of us that climbed with Maynard Cohick, it was the development of a new friendship to be cherished. He will be greatly missed by many.

Patrick O’Donnell