Asia, USSR, Polish, Soviet, and Czech Climbs, Pamir

Publication Year: 1980.

Polish, Soviet and Czech Climbs, Pamir. Polish climbers, Janusz Maczka, Tadeusz Preyzner, Jerzy Zajac and Bogdan Strzelski, climbed a new 7250-foot route from July 29 to August 2 on the east face of Ljap-Nazar, which took four bivouacs, two of them hanging, one without water. This mixed route is exposed to avalanches (UIAA V). From July 22 to 28 Soviets Studenjin, Marchenka, Petrashka and Stiepanov did a new route on the south face of Revolution Peak, some 8200 feet high. Soviets Nadbah-Kijedesa and Masiukov did a 4250-foot new route on the south face of the Peak of Paris Commune. A mixed Soviet-Czech team did another new route on the south face of Revolution Peak from July 24 to 29. The climbers were Muslovsky, Orolin and Neuman.

Jure Ulcar, Planinska Zveza Slovenije, Yugoslavia