Asia, China—Tibet, Bodies on Mount Everest

Publication Year: 1980.

Bodies on Mount Everest. The accident occurred on October 12. Three Chinese died. Among them was Wang Hong Bao, who had climbed five times to the North Col and had reached over 8000 meters. The day before the accident, Mr. Wang told our Japanese member R. Hasegawa that he had seen two corpses when he was a member of the 1975 Chinese Everest expedition. One was near the lateral moraine below Camp III on the East Rongbuk Glacier. This might have been Wilson. The other was at 8100 meters (26,576 feet) on the northeast ridge. Mr. Wang could not speak English, but he repeated the word “English! English!” to Mr. Hasegawa. When he had touched the clothing, it had broken to bits and was blown off by the wind. Then he had put snow on the body and buried it. (This may well have been the body of either Mallory or Irvine.—Editor. )

Hiroyuki Suzuki, Japanese Alpine Club