Asia, Pakistan—Hindu Kush, Bindu Gol Zom II

Publication Year: 1980.

Bindu Gol Zorn II. A Japanese expedition from Kawashi City was led by Tadakiyo Sakahara and composed of H. Suzuki, T. Hayashida, E. Kusakabe and K. Iwano. Iwano fell ill and had to be helicoptered out. They established Base Camp at 12,625 feet on the North Barum Glacier on July 29. Camps I, II and III were at 14,375, 16,575 and 17,300 feet on the glacier and Camp IV was at 18,400 feet on the west ridge. Sakahara and Suzuki completed the first ascent of Bindu Gol Zom II (20,387 feet) on August 15, followed on the 16th by Hayashida and Kusakabe. They report that the North Barum Glacier heads from Bindu Gol I and II and not from Tirich Mir East. An account and map are in Iwa To Yuki N° 71.