Asia, India—Kashmir and Ladakh, Other Kishtwar Expeditions

Publication Year: 1980.

Other Kishtwar Expeditions. Mo Anthoine, Bill Barker, Joe Brown and Pete Minks attempted Brammah II (21,080 feet). They reached the southwest col at 18,000 feet and established camp, but bad weather and fresh snow prevented further progress. Thirty Japanese unsuccessfully attempted Brammah I (21,050 feet) and Sickle Moon (21,391 feet). They gave up on the north ridge of Brammah I due to bad weather. We do not know what they did on Sickle Moon, which they tried with siege tactics. A Polish expedition from Krakow made the second ascent of Brammah’s Wife on September 15. The climbers were Ryszard Urabek, Wojciech Ciepela and Vojciech Mastowski. Other Poles from Warsaw, Mariusz Koras, Piotr Lipka, Józef Gozdek, Andrzej Zakrezewski and Jacek Luniak climbed P 6013 (19,728 feet), which lies east of the Eiger.

Anthony Wheaton, England