Asia, India—Himachal Pradesh, Chota Shigri I and P 20,300, Kulu

Publication Year: 1980.

Chota Shigri 1 and P 20,300, Kulu. New Zealanders James Jenkins and Sue Parkes and I climbed Chota Shigri I, which we believe was unclimbed, from a Base Camp on the Chota Shigri Glacier. We recorded an altitude of 17,680 feet by altimeter. We then made what we believe was the first ascent of P 20,300, the northernmost peak of the range which includes Dharamsura (White Sail). The ascent was made by the obvious ice gully which splits the southern side of the mountain for over 3000 feet, starting from the glacier which lies below Devachan’s northern flanks. Two summits rise from the plateau-like top. We climbed the easternmost one; both were about the same height and we found it difficult to tell which is higher.

Nicholas Groves, England