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Asia, Nepal, Nampa Attempt

Nampa Attempt. Our party included Susan Billings, Nancy Neiley, Jerry and Paul Sibley, Dr. Alan Sudweeks, Chuck Tolton, Matt Wells, Mark Udall and me as leader. Dr. Sudweeks had the misfortune to injure his knee on the approach and had to return to the United States. After much delay in Kathmandu, we flew to Bajang, in western Nepal. We reached Base Camp at 12,500 feet after a two-week approach along the Seti, Kali Gad and Chamlia rivers. By May 17 we eight were well established at 17,700 feet on the Api-Nampa col. We ran out of time a few days later and were forced to abandon our attempt on the west ridge. From a high point of 18,000 feet, we estimated it would take four or five days to climb to the summit and descend to Base Camp, but a nasty storm ate up our remaining time.

William Roos