Asia, Nepal, Nepalese Mountain Guide School

Publication Year: 1980.

Nepalese Mountain Guide School. The Alpine Federation of Yugoslavia and the Nepal Mountaineering Association have successfully begun the School of Mountain Guides. In the Marsyandi valley between Pisang and Braga at 10,000 feet a building for 40 to 50 students was built from May to September under the supervision of Yugoslavs. (Water will be heated by a solar heater.) I directed the first course in the autumn with 20 members, half the normal number. Dr. Jože Andlovic, Danilo Cedelnik and Jernej Zaplotnik were the other instructors. The students had very varied experience, from veterans of 16 expeditions to office employees of tourist agencies. All needed instruction in rock and ice techniques since even the veterans had not been instructed on expeditions. I have never before so enjoyed climbing in the Himalaya. We climbed Chulu Peak, Pisang Peak and two new 6000ers. Our Nepalese friends are preparing an official inauguration around May 15 and will begin the next course on June 1. With 50 students there will be six instructors from Yugoslavia and four from Nepal. We hope one day to have instructors from other countries.

Aleš Kunaver, Alpine Federation of Yugoslavia