Asia, Nepal, Kusum Kangguru, South Face

Publication Year: 1980.

Kusum Kangguru, South Face. Takeshi Kanazawa, leader, Hideaki Naoi, Hajime Uematsu, Masanori Miyano and Tomooh Toyoda of the Japanese Workers Alpine Federation climbed Kusum Kangguru (20,895 feet) by its south face. Base Camp was established at 14,300 feet on October 9. They slept in a snow cave carved into a bergschrund at 17,725 feet on October 20, bivouacked the next night on the ridge at 20,350 feet and reached the summit on the 22nd. The summit reached was the northernmost one. They said it was difficult to decide whether this or two other summits along the ridge to the south was the highest.