Asia, Nepal, Lhotse, Polish Ascent

Publication Year: 1980.

Lhotse, Polish Ascent. An expedition from Gliwice was the fourth to climb Lhotse (27,923 feet), following the original route and establishing the regular number of high camps. Three parties got to the top, including one oxygenless one, Andrzej Czok and Jerzy Kukuczka, on October 4. On the same day the peak was also climbed by Zygmunt Andrzej Heinrich and Janusz Skorek. Five days later, on October 9, the summit was reached by Janusz Baranek, the leader Adam Bilczewski, Stanislaw Cho- lewa and Robert Niklas. The latter is a West German who has lived in the Polish Tatra Mountains.

Marek Brniak, Klub Wysokogórski, Kraków, Poland