South America, Argentina, Nevada de los Tambillos, 1976, Northern Andes

Publication Year: 1980.

Nevado de los Tambillos, 1976. Northern Andes. Unreported until recently, an Argentinian expedition had made on March 12, 1976 the second ascent of Nevado de los Tambillos (5800 meters, 19,029 feet), located on the Chilean-Argentinian border, northeast of San Juan, where these climbers came from. Antonio Beorchia and Martín Ramírez were on the summit, on which they tried to perform some excavations around the Indian altar discovered by Beorchia himself in 1972 (first modern ascent), but the frozen ground prevented any digging. At the same time, the two other members of the expedition, Silvio Miglioli and his daughter Ana, 17, made the first known ascent of a peak nearing the height of 5400 meters (17,715 feet), located in the neighborhood of Tambo pass and north of Tambillos.

Evelio Echevarría