North America, Greenland, P 1881 and P 1713, South Greenland

Publication Year: 1980.

P 1881 and P 1713, South Greenland. I led another expedition this year back to the region where we had been in 1978. (See A.A.J., 1979 pp. 222-3.) We were Gilles Tierle, Gérard Dussutour, Denis Capron, Henri Aubert, Maurice Nonde, Marie-Thérèse Devilliers, Patrice Bellière, François de Montbeillard, Brigitte LaPlace, Pierre Chanel, Sylvaine Becker, Stève Chanel, Gilbert Flantzer, Monique Larmoyer, Gilbert Selz, Françoise Forquin and I. We approached as last year, crossing the glacier, Eqalorutsit Kangigdit Sermiat, to its northwest bank. All but the last four, who climbed it last year, made the second ascent of P 1881 (6171 feet) in early August. We then all made the first ascent of P 1713 (5620 feet) which lies between the second and third tributary glaciers to the southwest.

Jacques Rouillard, Club Alpin Français