North America, Canada, Canadian Arctic—Baffin Island, Overlord and Tête des Cirques

Publication Year: 1980.

Overlord and Tête des Cirques. Ken Scott and I met in Montreal on July 3 and flew to Pangnirtung the following day. After two days in Pangnirtung we traveled by freight canoe to the boundary of Auyuittuq National Park. We climbed Overlord Peak (4895 feet) starting at four P.M. on July 7 from the Overlord campground. Our route followed the north side of the cirque immediately north of the summit to the north ridge. The only difficulty was a rockfall which nearly severed the rope. The summit was reached at eleven P.M. The descent was via the north ridge and then down the glacier just south of Ulu Peak. On July 20, we were joined by Alan Russell, Raymond Russell and Lynne Peters. We moved up the Turnweather Glacier. After several days of poor weather, we attempted Tête des Cirques (6060 feet) but were turned back by rain. On July 27 we all made a successful attempt. The route crossed the Turnweather Glacier and then went up the easy south ridge.

Donald R. Perkins, Armadillo Climbing Club