North America, Canada, Canadian Arctic—Baffin Island, Trinity Dome and Gauntlet Peak

Publication Year: 1980.

Trinity Dome and Gauntlet Peak. In August Tim Donnelly, Stan Grossman, Ken Hunter, Larry Lempert and I traveled to the area east of the Pangnirtung Pass on Baffin’s Cumberland Peninsula. During six days of continuous clear weather, we approached the area from the Turn-weather Glacier and successfully climbed several peaks. We all climbed via the west ridge Trinity Dome (c. 5200 feet), which is a snow dome behind the Turnweather-Gauntlet cirque. Hunter, Lempert and I climbed Gauntlet Peak (c. 5700 feet) via the east ridge. The entire trip was marred by the radically increased access difficulties due to irregular or virtually non-existent boats from the village of Pangnirtung to the fiord head.

Barry Allen Nelson, Geneva Spur Limited

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