North America, Canada, Canadian Arctic—Baffin Island, Killabuk and Other Peaks

Publication Year: 1980.

Killabuk and Other Peaks. A Belgian expedition led by Alain Grignard seems to have run into very poor weather from July 7 to 24. On July 7 J.C. Sonnenwyl, P. Morand, E. Blanc (Swiss), and B. Legros climbed the east face of Mount Killabuk by the difficult Scott route but had bad weather on the descent. Attempts on Asgard and Thor by others of the group failed that same day 350 feet from their respective summits. An attempt on the southeast ridge of Odin likewise failed in bad weather on July 16. They were stormed off Breidablik on July 21. On July 24 Grignard, Legros and J. Schroeder made a probable variation on bad rock of the American route on the unnamed peak in front of Mount Thor.