North America, Western Canada, Mount Manzo Nagano, Coast Range

Publication Year: 1980.

Mount Manzo Nagano, Coast Range. On July 25, Bob Drescher and I had the distinct pleasure of accompanying David, Jim and Steve Nagano on the first ascent of this fine mountain, recently named in honor of their great-grandfather, the first Japanese settler in western Canada. The 6500-foot peak is located just south of the lower part of Owikeno Lake and east of Rivers Inlet, at 51° 36.5'N, 126° 57.2W. Our float plane landed us on the south shore of Owikeno Lake, and the 6000-foot ascent took four days round-trip, by way of the north ridge. The mountains south of Owikeno Lake are not particularly attractive from a climbing standpoint, being mostly ridges with deep, thick valleys. An exception to this generalization is a 5000-foot “Matterhorn-like” peak, 14 miles southwest of Mount Nagano.

Robert J. Secor