North America, United States, Washington, Cascade Range, Mesahchie Peak, Northwest Ridge

Publication Year: 1980.

Mesahchie Peak, Northwest Ridge. On June 18, 1978 my brother Gordon and I completed this 1400-foot rock climb. The approach route traversed the Mesahchie Glacier from the east; then made a rotten, exposed scramble to reach a prominent notch on the north ridge of the peak at about 6840 feet. A bivouac was made here. After ascending another small glacier, we climbed the ridge, staying close to the crest until poor rock and exposure forced us left to the summit. Much of the climb was scrambling, the harder portions being class 4 and low class 5. Ours was the fifth registered ascent of the peak. (NCCS II or III, F5.)

Lowell Skoog, Unaffiliated