North America, United States, Alaska, P10,999 and P 10,000 North of Regal Mountain, Wrangell Mountains

Publication Year: 1980.

P 10,999 and P 10,000, North of Regal Mountain, Wrangell Mountains. The Alpine Club Cairn expedition was landed at Green Hill and ascended the Nabesna Glacier to establish Base Camp at 6800 feet five miles northwest of Regal Mountain. From a high camp on a fork of the glacier east of Base Camp on August 5 Yoshihiro Nakai, Miss Fusako Iwatsuru, Miss Reiko Shinya, Masami Harada, Masaki Ako and Takeshi Yamashita crossed the ridge just south of P 10,999 to one of the heads of the Whiskey Hill Glacier and climbed the northeast ridge to complete the first ascent. P 10,999 lies 4¾ miles due north of Regal Mountain. On August 9 the same group made the second ascent of the east peak of twin-summited P 10,000, which lies 1½ miles north of P 10,999. They climbed a new route, ascending the glacier west of the peak to climb the final south face.

Nobuo Kuwahara, Alpine Club Cairn, Osaka, Japan