North America, United States, Alaska, Pollak Spire, Cathedral Spires, Kichatna Mountains

Publication Year: 1980.

Poliak Spire, Cathedral Spires, Kichatna Mountains. Chaiki Hara, Hatuyo Kotaki and I were on the Tatina Glacier from July 20 to August 3. Bad weather drove us off the west face of P 7270 on July 27 and off the south rib of P 7133 on July 30, but Hara and I did climb Poliak Spire (7500-foot northeast subpeak of Mount Neveragain) by the east buttress (V, F8) on July 28 and 29. There were 25 pitches. Previous to this we had climbed Mount McKinley.

Hiroshi Oda, Japanese Alpine Club