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Asia, India—Kashmir and Ladakh, Stok Kangri and P 20,000+, Zanskar Range, 1976

Stok Kangri and P 20,000+, Zanskar Range, 1976. On September 16, 1976 Dr. William Hawk, Richard Brower and I established Base Camp at 15,000 feet north of Stok Kangri (20,723 feet). The next day I climbed solo P 20,000+ via 45° ice slopes on the north face; the others were suffering from the altitude. This is the second highest peak of the group and lies southeast and next to Stok Kangri. On the 19th I attempted solo the northeast ridge of Stok Kangri but was turned back by deep snow and avalanche activity.

Kenneth Dyleski, Unaffiliated