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Asia, India-Garhwal, Kedarnath and Kedarnath Dome

Kedarnath and Kedarnath Dome. A 22-man Indo-Tibetan Border Police team was led by Y.C. Khanna. Base Camp was at Tapoban. At Camp II at 20,000 feet, occupied on April 3, they split into two groups. Four members, led by deputy leader S.P. Chamoli, left a camp at 20,500 feet on April 27 and climbed Kedarnath Dome (22,410 feet) in knee- deep powder snow. They skied back to Camp II. They had taken sled dogs with them to test their endurance and to see if they could haul loads at that altitude. The dogs did well. The other group, led by Khanna, climbed Kedarnath (22,770 feet) on May 1. They skied back down to Camp I.

Kamal K. Guha, Himalayan Club