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Asia, Nepal, Kachenjunga, Attempt on the Middle Summit

Kanchenjunga, Attempt on the Middle Summit. A Spanish expedition, led by Josep Piera, was granted permission for Yalung Kang. Instead they followed up the Polish route on Kanchenjunga to Camp III on the Great Shelf, using the Polish fixed lines. From there at about 23,625 feet they climbed up to establish camp at 25,250 feet at the base of the central gully leading to the summit ridge between the main and middle summits. From that camp on May 18 Narcis Serrat and Phubi Sherpa made an attempt on the middle summit of Kanchenjunga. They reached the top of a rocky pinnacle, which the Poles state was not yet on the crest of the main ridge. They first stated that they had reached the top of Yalung Kang, but stopped claiming this when confronted by reports from the Poles. For this deception and for having changed their objective from the one for which they had received permission, the Spaniards have got into trouble with the Nepalese authorities. Unfortunately the Editor has not been able to get definite details from the Spaniards.