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South America, Chile and Argentina—Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, Cerro Cubo, Southern Patagonian Icecap

Cerro Cubo, Southern Patagonian Icecap. Our expedition was composed of T. Kadota, Y. Onishi and me. We chartered a jeep at Punta Arenas and drove to Estancia Victorina on Lago Paine on January 14. After a week we made Base Camp at the tongue of the Dickson Glacier. On January 28 Camp I was set up on the glacier at the foot of the mountain that separated the Dickson from the Frías Glacier. Beyond this mountain we set up Camp II on February 2 and waited there for good weather, which finally came on February 14. We traversed the upper part of the glacier, where we found few crevasses, along the foot of the remarkable nunatak and reached the icecap. We ascended the gentle ice slope to the summit of Cerro Cubo, 2920 meters (9580 feet).*

Kazuhiko Terazawa, Alpine Club of Kyoto University, Japan

*The Japanese gave an altitude of only 2400 meters. Since others have reported Cerro Cubo as difficult, it may be that they climbed some other mountain.—Editor.