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South America, Chile, El Tapado and Other Peaks

El Tapado and Other Peaks. The Asociación de Andinismo de La Serena sent a large expedition to the neighborhood of Cerro Tórtolas, in Coquimbo province. Besides performing several ascents to high peaks by standard routes, the 28 expedition members split in groups to make the second ascent of El Tapado (5124 meters, 16,810 feet), which had been previously ascended also by climbers from La Serena, and the first of Punta Amarilla (4400 meters, 14,436 feet), La Hollada (4100 meters, 13,453 feet) and La Moneda (4060 meters, 13,320 feet).

Gastón San Román H., Federación de Andinismo de Chile.