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South America, Peru—Cordillera Vilcanota, Ausangate Attempt, Campa I and Mariposa

Ausangate Attempt, Campa I and Mariposa, In early August we attempted to climb Ausangate (20,945 feet) from the south. Waist-deep powder snow kept us from climbing to more than 17,725 feet, 150 feet above our highest camp. In retrospect we know that sufficiently strong climbers should approach the mountain from the north, technically more difficult but with good snow conditions. Our whole group all reached the summit of Campa I (17,996 feet). Heller, Moore and I climbed Mariposa (19,090 feet), a sustained climb up the north face culminating in 1200 feet of 45° to 60° snow and ice. Members of our group were Carl Heller, Ron Atkins, Dennis Burge, A1 Green, Dianne Lucas, Terry Moore, Bob Westbrook and me.

Robert Rockwell