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South America, Peru—Cordillera Huayhuash, Rasac, West Face and Tsacra Chico, South Face

Rasac, West Face and Tsacra Chico, South Face. On August 7 Giorgio Brianzi, Lino Tagliabue, Sante Armuzzi, Giampietro Volpi, Giulip Beggio and Massimo Leoni reached the summit of Rasac (19,817 feet). They had spent four days making an alpine-style ascent of the west face of Rasac, a difficult route threatened the whole way by séracs. They rappelled down the same route. From Base Camp on Jahuacocha at 13,300 feet, on August 11 they all climbed Patarcocha (Cerro México, 16,610 feet). Their final climb, made on August 14, was what was probably the second ascent of the south face of Tsacra Chico (18,255 feet), where they found difficulties they compared to those on the great north faces in the Alps. To reach the face they crossed the Rasac col to the Seria valley. They descended the easy north ridge.