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South America, Colombia, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Members of Club Campo Abierto again climbed in the Sierra with a German group under the leadership of Franz Kröll. The peaks climbed were: Tairona by 6 Germans, Kröll, S. Gaviria, L. Salomons, H. Frank; Guardián by F. Kröll and S. Gaviria; Colón by 4 Germans, F. Kröll, L. Salomons; La Reina by S. Gaviria and H. Frank. On the descent from La Reina (18,159 feet), Gaviria broke his foot at about 17,400 feet, forcing them to dig a hole in the snow to spend an uncomfortable night. The next day he reached snowline sliding on his back and knees, and arrived at Base Camp at Lake Naboba in seven hours with the help of his companions. He rode on muleback from there to San Sebastián. All climbs took place in January, 1979.

Pieter Crow