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South America, Colombia, Púlpito Negro and Other Peaks, Cordillera Oriental

Púlpito Negro and Other Peaks, Cordillera Oriental. J. Chávez, H. Frank and S. Gaviria of the Club Campo Abierto, Bogotá, on October 31 1977 made the second ascent of Púlpito Negro (4930 meters, 16,175 feet), a prominent rock tower capped with ice, located west of Puntia- gudo. The first ascent was accomplished in 1957 by two Cambridge students (A.A.J., 1959, p. 319). The last two climbers, plus J. Bachmann, H. Goeggel, J. Moreno, M. Noguera and V. Stumbaum on December 10, 1977 made the first ascent of the unnamed three-peaked mountain (c. 4900 meters; 16,076 feet) located northeast of the Laguna (lake) de la Sierra. Frank and Gaviria detached from the main group to traverse also the two lower peaks. Both mountains are situated in the Cocuy (Güicán) district, of this range.

Evelio Echevarría