North America, United States, California, Sierra Nevada, Ressurrection Wall, Pinnacles National Monument

Publication Year: 1979.

Resurrection Wall, Pinnacles National Monument. Ruprecht Kammerlander and Anton Kuruza climbed the impressive Resurrection Wall in Juniper Canyon on Easter Sunday. The rock is a great, shadowy mass a half-mile up the High Peaks Trail. Few Pinnacles devotees had contemplated climbing the wall because of its steep, awesome appearance, but Ruprecht and various partners gradually worked out a route on the north face which involved skyhook placements, tie-offs on flakes and a bolt ladder 15 placements long. On May 14 Frank Sarnquist and I free-climbed the same route and found it to be outstanding on generally good rock. Done with aid or free, the climb stands a tribute to the vision and energy of Ruprecht who made other fine routes in the Pinnacles National Monument before his recent sorrowful and maddening death. NCCS Fl0orFll.

Thomas Higgins