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Sierra Club, Angeles Chapter, Rock Climbing Section (RCS)

Sierra Club, Angeles Chapter, Rock Climbing Section (RCS). The RCS enjoyed an active, successful year under the leadership of Fred Wing, Chairman; Andy Fried, Vice-Chairman; and John Ripley, Secretary-Treasurer. Fifty-five days of active climbing were scheduled during an eleven-month season; all trips “went.” Besides rock climbing and mountaineering, ice climbing was enjoyed under the supervision of Andy Fried and Jim Endo. On scheduled or private trips, various members climbed the northwest face of Half Dome, The Buttress route on Middle Cathedral Rock, the south face of Washington Column, and Mount McKinley. The Section’s excellent safety record was maintained, with no accidents.

Sixty-nine beginning climbers enrolled in the 1976-77 RCS training program. An average of 17 instructors and 41 students attended each of the six training sessions. A training manual was developed, with guidelines which should make for more consistency among instructors. Ample new equipment, possible through the modest fees charged students, proved to be a big asset. Al Carlson and Jim Endo were chairmen of the training program.

RCS Safety Tests were given in May and September to students who wished to join the Section. Eighteen new members were admitted.

Glen Dawson, a charter member of the RCS, was elected to Honorary Membership. Glen introduced roped climbing to Southern California in the early 1930’s, after learning the techniques in Switzerland and on first ascents in the Sierra Nevada with Robert L. M. Underhill, Jules Eichorn, and others.

A complete set of back numbers of The Mugelnoos was finally assembled by Ruth Mendenhall for the A.A.C. library in New York. The Mugelnoos, newssheet of the RCS and Ski Mountaineers Section, was the first Chapter or Section publication in the entire Sierra Club, and has been in continuous regular publication since early 1938.

The annual picnic of the RCS was held October 2 at Big Rock. Seventy-five persons ate and climbed under a hot sun. The annual meeting took place on October 13. New officers elected were Andy Fried, Chairman; A1 Carlson, Vice-Chairman; and Dave Perkins, Secretary-Treasurer. Phil Bruce and Ron Masters will head the 1977-78 Training Committee, and Dick DeRusha will continue as chairman of the Safety Committee. John Ripley will be in charge of the History and Mugelnoos committees. Ruth Mendenhall announced her resignation as Mugelnoos chairman, a position she has held (except for the war years) since 1938. Five longtime RCS members (all members also of the American Alpine Club) were nominated for RCS honorary membership, and will be voted on by mail next year.

Ruth Dyar Mendenhall