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Iowa Mountaineerings

Iowa Mountaineers. The club continued its mutually enjoyable cooperation with the Men’s Physical Education Department of the University of Iowa. Courses were sponsored for credit in skiing, backpacking, basic rock climbing and mountaineering. In late December and early January two 10-day cross-country skiing and winter survival courses were held at 11,000 feet in tented camps in the Colorado Collegiate Range. A total of 75 members participated. In May and June 86 members completed the intensive one-week rock climbing course in the Baraboo Range of Wisconsin, and 75 others registered for the 3-day rock climbing course. The usual number of Sunday afternoon hikes were sponsored with a few attracting over 80 participants. Nine professional adventure film-lectures were sponsored with an average attendance of 560 members and guests. The annual banquet in May attracted 150 members from nine states. The featured speaker was Gerry Roach of Boulder who showed slides on the Bicentennial Everest Expedition and his Mount Foraker Expedition.

As usual many club members in small parties climbed independently or joined other club outings or trips to the Himalaya, Europe, Alaska or Canada. In July John Ebert took a group of 29 to East Africa. They found Kenya crowded, but Tanzania and Uganda practically deserted. Jim Ebert led a group of 19 to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. The new huts on the mountain are superb. The main summer camp was held in the Lake City-Uncompahgre area of Colorado. Sixty members participated and over 250 summit registrations were logged.

John Ebert