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Chicago Mountaineering Club

Chicago Mountaineering Club. Climbing activity continues to intensify in the Midwest, and the club has adapted to this increased interest with more scheduled outings at Devils Lake, Wisconsin, and Mississippi Palisades at Savanna, Illinois. The monthly meetings were highly enjoyable, and we had several interesting and entertaining programs by members and invited speakers. The club’s biennial summer outing was held in Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains. In accord with federal environmental protection guidelines, the 38 participants were dispersed in five separate camps near the head of Spear Lake. During the 10-day camp period the following peaks were climbed: Blacktooth, Buffalo Back, Penrose, Seven Brothers Peak, Starvation, Woolsey and several unnamed peaks. A report of the camp’s activities has been published. Club members Widule and Swartling have completed revisions to the Climber’s Guide to Devils Lake, and hopefully, publication will take place sometime in 1978.

George Pokorny, Librarian