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Asia, Afghanistan, Western Hindu Kush

Ahmad Shah Hindu Kush (Salang Region). The Kraków expedition led by Jerzy Wala started its activities near the Khenjan valley. (See above for the later explorations and climbs) While geomorphic work was being carried out under the direction of L. Kaszowski, the following ascents were made: Kohe Tobatay (15,715 feet; S14) second ascent, from the southeast by Borowiec, Paulo on June 29; P c. 4700 north peak (17,420 feet) and its slightly higher south peak from the southeast by Borowiec and Paulo on June 28.

Khenjan Valley. The Warsaw expedition led by Bratkowski also climbed in the Salang region before it went to the Munjan. (See above.) They placed their Base Camp a kilometer up valley from the tunnel. On June 27 Grczyk, Kaczarowski, Nuzynska and Pytlakowski climbed P 4516 (14,817 feet; S7) and P 4430 (14,534 feet) on the summit ridge of P 4516. The next day Bukowski, Graczyk and Pytlakowski climbed P 4200 (13,780 feet).

Other Expeditions. There were two other Polish expeditions in the Salang region. They reached summits, but information on which ones is not yet clear.