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Asia, India, Kashmir and Jammu, Eiger and Cathedral Attempts, Kishtwar

Eiger and Cathedral Attempts, Kishtwar. Our party was composed of Emmett Goulding, Anthony Latham, Joss Lynam, Clare Sheridan and me as leader. We hoped to climb peaks on the south side of the Kiar Nallah. Base Camp was set up at the foot of the Sarbal Glacier on June 14 and a camp at the foot of the Eiger at 19,700 feet on June 17, but the proposed route up the icefall leading from the Sarbal Glacier to the west ridge was dangerous owing to windslab and so we turned to our second objective, Cathedral. We made camp on the Sickle Moon Glacier below the west face of Cathedral on June 21. The whole party climbed to a bivouac at 17,000 feet. On the 23rd Sheridan, Latham and I climbed rock of HVS standard to reach the south ridge at 17,725 feet, where a rock step turned us back. We reoccupied the Eiger Camp but the icefall was still dangerous. Two attempts to climb a peak of about 18,700 feet, immediately west of Eiger Camp, were frustrated by bad weather. Finally Latham, Lynam and I climbed a 5000-meter (16,404-foot) peak above Base Camp by its northwest ridge, straight-forward except for a 300-foot rock step. After a bivouac above the step, we reached the top on July 5.

Calvin Torrans, Irish Mountaineering Club