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Asia, Nepal, New Zealand Expedition to Mount Everest

New Zealand Expedition to Mount Everest. There were eight members of the New Zealand Everest Expedition: Keith Woodford, leader, Robert Cunningham, deputy leader, Michael Andrews, Richard Price, Fr. Michael Mahoney, Michael Brown, Nicolas Banks and the Canadian Arthur Twomey. Base Camp was established on March 10 at 17,725 feet. No porters were used above this point. Camps I, II and III were set up at 19,300, 20,200 and 21,600 feet on March 19, 29 and April 5 respectively. Thereafter progress was slowed by heavy weather and logistics. However, Camp IV at 22,100 feet and Camp V at 24,825 feet, still below the South Col were pitched on April 20 and 25. Brown and Mahoney went to the South Col (26,200 feet) on May 14 but strong winds, bad weather and exhaustion made them abandon the expedition on May 15.

Kamal K. Guha, Himalyan Club