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South America, Argentine and Chilean Patagonia, Paine Chico Este Correction and Torre Paine Norte

Paine Chico Este Correction and Torre Paine Norte. In the A.A.J., 1977 on page 234 it stated that Paine Chico Este had been climbed for the third time. This was actually the fourth ascent since members of our club had made a previous ascent. In December of 1976 Ricardo Tylka, leader, Marcelo Aguilar, Peter Friedrich, Fernando Heredia, Werner Lion and Alberto Vrabec arrived at the Estancia Cerro Paine to attempt the Torre Central. Continuous stormy weather kept them from their objective, but they managed to climb the Torre Norte twice, Heredia and Lion on January 16 and Aguilar, Friedrich and Tylka on the 18th. When leaving the area, Heredia and Tylka made the third ascent of Paine Chico Este by the Zuck-Teufel route.

Héctor Cuiñas, Centro Andino Buenos Aires