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North America, Greenland, Agpatut and Ino, Alfred Wegener Peninsula, West Greenland

Agpatut and Ino, Alfred Wegener Peninsula, West Greenland. We had the opportunity to join Jordi Riera, who had sailed all the way around Spain and then non-stop to Greenland in a 30-foot sailboat. We flew and joined him in Umanak. For a month we sailed north up to 73° north and explored the Uppernivik Fjord. On the Alfred Wegener Peninsula we made the first ascent of the two highest peaks, Agpatut (6290 feet) and Ino (6234 feet). Riera and Lluis Costa sailed back to Spain, while Joan Cerda, Emilio Civis, Ursula Willius, Jordi Pons and I flew by helicopter and plane.

José Manuel Anglada, Club Montañés Barcelonés