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North America, Greenland, Apostelens Tommelfinger, Suikarsuak, South Greenland

Apostelens Tommelfinger, Suikarsuak, South Greenland. The French Alpine Club’s expedition was led by Marceau Agier and composed of M. and Mme Bernézat, C. Bourleaux, B. Clouet, S. Jouty, J. Michaud, Y. Morin, Dr. H. Muler, F. Pelatan, B. Renard, G. Vellay and me. From July 20 to August 20 we were in the region of the Tasermiut and Lindenows Fjords. Our objectives were to climb the Apostelens Tommelfinger and the two Suikarsuak and to make the Lindenows- Tasermiut crossing. We climbed the three peaks by very lovely routes. We had also hoped to explore the mountains northeast of the Nûp Gangerdlus Fjord but ice prevented our crossing from Nanortalik to Augpilagtoq. The price of renting fishing boats had risen very much from 1975. We advise future parties to fix prices by letter ahead of time or use their own transport to get from Nanortalik to Tasermiut. Two of the routes we climbed were done without previous information and under “first-ascent” conditions. They may have been first ascents. We prefer to remember the pleasure we had in working out these routes and to leave the same pleasure to others. Therefore we shall no longer give details of our routes there. We suggest to others who go to this region in the future to leave the region innocent of route descriptions and to make the Kap Farvel region a “preserve of first ascents” where each person will make his own “new” routes rather than having a first ascent be a non-renewable pleasure.

Bernard Amy, Club Alpin Français