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Asia, Pakistan, Garmush

Garmush. The Austrian Hindu Kush Expedition was led by Peter Baumgartner and comprised his wife Lilo, Karl Mahrer, Dr. Franz Österreicher and Rudi Brandstötter. They flew to Gilgit, took a jeep to Yashin and donkeys to Darkot and went with 22 porters to Base Camp at 15,425 feet. After establishing a dump at 16,400 feet, they placed Camp I first at 17,000 feet and then at 17,725 feet. On August 1 Österreicher, Mahrer and Brandstötter left Camp I at five A.M., climbed the west ridge and reached the summit of Garmush (20,486 feet) at four P.M. They bivouacked on the descent.

Adolf Diemberger, Österreichischer Alpenklub