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Asia, Pakistan, K6 West Peak II (P 7040)

K6 West Peak II (P 7040). The Toyama Sanyu-kai expedition, led by Shoko Saegi, left Khapalu on June 8 and reached Base Camp at the junction of the Gondokhoro and Chogolisa Glaciers at 12,500 feet on June 14. They proceeded south to the north side of the K6 group. Camps I and II were at 14,750 and 16,400 feet. Camp III was in the col at 18,375 feet and Camp IV on the east side of the col on the south ridge of P 6800, west of P 7040 (23,097 feet). They attacked the south ridge of P 7040, but after bivouacs at 21,000 and 22,150 feet they turned back at 22,650 feet. Base Camp was evacuated on August 6.

Ichiro Yoshizawa, A.A.C. and Japanese Alpine Club