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Asia, Nepal, Annapurna I Attempt

Annapurna I Attempt. A 9-man Austrian expedition led by Gerd Gantner attempted Annapurna I (26,545 feet) over the unclimbed “Fang.” Base Camp was set up at 13,780 feet on March 24 and two days later the Sherpas quit, complaining of poor food, clothing and gear. The expedition continued without Sherpas, employing Tamang porters. Franz Tegischer was killed in his sleep at Camp II (18,050 feet) at 12:30 A.M. on April 16 when the edge of an avalanche buried the tent. His tentmate, Ernst Schwarzenländer, was able to pull himself out. At six A.M. those at Base Camp, Camp I and Camp III (20,175 feet) contacted each other by radio and so started converging on Camp II. The expedition was abandoned.

Kamal K. Guha, Himalayan Club