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South America, Chile, Northern Chile, Pasto Salado and Other Peaks

Pasto Salado and other peaks. In different trips to the mountains located some 15 miles west of Vicuña, Coquimbo province, northern Chile, youths of the Colegio Inglés of the town of La Serena made the first recorded ascents in late 1974 of Diablos Parados (4200 meters, 13,780 feet) and El Toro (4300 meters, 14,108 feet) as training for higher summits. In November, 1974, six youths of the same school made the first ascent of Pasto Salado (4845 meters, 15,895 feet). Participants of this climb were G. Pereira, E. Rodríguez, M. Bitrán and the brothers Alberto, Hernán and Jorge Corral, all between 11 to 17.

Evelio Echevarría