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South America, Bolivia, Condoriri, Wil Lloje, Jiskha Pata, Warawarani and Other Neighboring Peaks, Cordillera Real

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  • Publication Year: 1976

Condoriri, Wila Lloje, Jiskha Pata, Warawarani and Other Neighboring Peaks, Cordillera Real. In the first part of August a group composed of Andrea Facchetti, Melchiorre and Giovanni Foresti and me from Bergamo with Missionary Fathers Angelo Gelmi, Giuseppe Ferrari and Giuseppe Rizzi from La Paz climbed in the Cordillera Real. Because of their comparatively modest altitudes, the mountains are generally predominantly rock on the north faces and ice on the south. We made the following ascents: Condoriri (18,547 feet) via south ridge on August 3 by Gelmi, G. and M. Foresti, Calegari; Culin Thojo (17,612 feet) via west face on August 8 by Ferrari, Rizzi (3rd ascent); Jiskha Pata (18,072 feet) via southeast face (1st ascent) and Wila Jiskha Pata (17,815 feet) via northwest ridge and down south spur (2nd ascent) both on August 9 by Calegari, M. and G. Foresti, Rizzi; Wila Lloje (18,353 feet) via north face and east ridge on August 10 by Calegari, Ferrari, Rizzi (4th ascent); Jankho Huyo (18,084 feet) via south face on August 11 by Calegari, G. Foresti, Ferrari, Rizzi (3rd ascent); Warawarani (18,182 feet) via east face on August 12 by Calegari, G. and M. Foresti, Ferrari (1st ascent).

Santino Calegari, Club Alpino Italiano

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