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South America, Peru, Llongote Central, Cordillera Yauyos

Llongote Central, Cordillera Yauyos. Seven members of the High Mountain Club of Lódz took part in the expedition: Wojciech Jedlinski, Bogdan Mac, Piotr Malinowski, Marek Rozniecki, Jerzy Star, Grzegorz Wasiak and I as leader. On May 29, 1974 we placed Base Camp on Huascacocha. On June 2 and 3, Mac, Rozniecki, Star, Wasiak and I climbed by its west ridge P 5280 (17,323 feet), which lies between Cotoní (or Ticlla) and Huaynacutuni. On June 4 and 5 Jedlinski and Malinowski ascended from the northern side the three peaks of Nevado Huamalla, P 5297 (17,397 feet) and to the west of the main peak, P 5080 and P 5210 (16,667 and 17,093 feet). On June 6 and 7 Star and I made the ascent of Llongote Central (18,406 feet) by its north face. On June 9 and 10 Jedlinski, Mac, Malinowski and I climbed Acopalca (17,866 feet) and P 5420 (17,782 feet) just east of it. On June 11, I soloed P 5057 (16,591 feet; 2 miles north of the western end of Huascacocha). For our Bolivian climbs, see that section.

Jerzy Michaelski, Lódz, Poland