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South America, Peru, Rajuntay, South Ridge, Cordillera Central

Rajuntay, South Ridge, Cordillera Central. An experienced Italian group traveled to the Italian Alpine Club hut in the Santa Eulalia valley. On August 2 they moved to a 14,775-foot base in the valley opposite the one where the hut was. Camp I was placed at 16,750 feet below the south ridge. On August 6 Mario Conti, Carlo Dell’Oro and Luigino Airoldi fixed rope on the lower part of the ridge. These three, joined by Giancarlo Riva and Emilio Valsecchi, climbed the ridge on the 7th. They placed six snow pickets and ten rock pitons on the two rock steps. Thanks to the fixed ropes and good snow conditions they reached the top at two P.M.