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North America, Canada, Yukon Territories, Mount Logan

Mount Logan. A few parties climbed Mount Logan, all by the King Trench route. A Japanese group led by Seiichiro Takai, was on the mountain from June 25 to July 9. A Kluane National Park Warden Service expedition of four members was led by me. Ron Chambers and I reached the west and north peaks. We were on the mountain from June 28 to July 22. On July 2 Gerald Holdsworth and party left for the King Trench route to continue his glaciology project. The guides Peter Schlunegger and Jacob Wyss reached the summit of the west peak and descended with us. The Arctic Institute of North America’s support team were led to the Mount Logan High Plateau by Jürg Hofer to continue their annual High-Altitude Physiological Research Project. Some of their members climbed the north and west peaks.

Hans Fuhrer, Kluane National Park