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North America, United States, Alaska, Mount McKinley

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Mount McKinley. Some forty-five expeditions composed of 362 climbers attempted to climb Mount McKinley. Of these, 177 people from 27 expeditions reached the summit. Some are reported elsewhere. The following reached the main summit by the West Buttress: Joe Horiskey, Bill Westbrook, Dan Boyd, Alan Ewert, May 20; Roy Magnuson, Maynard Bradsma, Thomas Cardina, George Hubbard, Douglas Mantle, Boris Savic, Carl Stude, John McKinley, Mark Goebel, July 7; Norio Ohkubo, Somikiko Chinju, Kengo Nogaki, Kagunori Yamanoue, Naohisa Matsuda, Kenji Moritada, Japanese, July 17; Mike Dunn, Mark Fields, July 26; Leonard Cook, George Smith, August 2; Charles Campbell, Jonathan Gross, Bill Glinkman, Charles Potter, August 3; Koichi Takaoka, Akira Takasaki, Naomi Ihara, Takanori Sasaki, Kazutomo Kimura, Akira Konno, Japanese, August 2. Akio Shoji, Masaaki Hatakeyama and Teruzo Nakamura climbed from the 14,000-foot basin on the West Buttress route directly via the western rib to the summit on August 8. The following climbed by the Muldrow: Earl Redman, Ola Royrvik, Dan Solie, Bjarne Holm, David Hawley, Stephen Clautice, Monte Plumlee (descent via West Buttress), April 21; Alois Infanger, Michael Allison, Chris Goethe, Eric Huggard, Ralph Jordan, Peter Kirn, Rick Lynsky, John Robinson, Lucy Smith, Miriam Stone, July 3; Scott Danielson, Jeff King, Brad Fisher, July 8; John Jenkins, Frederick Smith, Bern Hinckley, Timothy Wheeler, August 9.